Who Can Partner?

INTERACT Experience Space

Retail as a business is evolving, thanks to leaps in digital technology, changing consumer preferences and rising incomes. To be able to match pace with the changing dynamics, retailers need a whole gamut of solutions and services. Keeping in mind the needs of today’s retail businesses, the Expo will focus on certain key areas.

In-Store Solutions | fittings & fixtures

The online sector has delivered a new platform of opportunities in retail. As a result, brick-and-mortar retailers are keen to find new, more effective ways of interacting with their growing online buying communities. By exhibiting as a digital solution provider at RAE, you’ll be able show how your integrated online solutions can help these retailers drive customer purchases and make the most of their growing online retail markets.

Digital &Technology

The next phase of growth in retail will ride on the adoption of the right technology. The Expo will prove to be the biggest aggregator of technology solutions in retail, right from big data & analytics firms, Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Retail & Augmented Reality intelligence companies, POS systems, supply chain automation to cold chain providers, security systems, payment and wallet solutions.

Services& solutions

It takes more than the store to complete the experience. Especially in retail, value is created through a combination of factors – from the right staffing to customer engagement. The Expo will bring together a wide range of service providers including HR/staffing solution companies, consultants, logistics providers, SME finance companies, loyalty service providers, training partners, media solutions, online services, legal services and engagement solutions among others.

Retail Real Estate

Even today, the lion’s share of success in retail goes to location, location, location. The Expo will bring other a wide variety of companies offering commercial real estate under one roof. These include shopping centre developers, mall management companies and commercial real estate brokers and legal services.

Suppliers of products & Brands

The Expo is the perfect place to grab the attention of retailers especially for those suppliers that have something unique to offer. The Expo welcomes those supplying products across various categories including apparel, wellness & fitness products, cosmetics, food products, electronics, handicrafts, interior products, home products, furniture and lots more.