Anil Patel

Founder & CEO, HotWax Commerce

Mr. Patel brings over 20 years of strategic business and technology experience leading award-winning development projects for Quest Telecom, Volvo Commercial Finance, US Bank, Herman Miller, Cabi, and United Airlines. His consulting experience led him to identify common needs unmet across verticals; a need matched uniquely to open source technology, and the powerful data model found in the Apache OFBiz framework.

Mr. Patel is currently a major committer and member of the OFBiz Project and the Apache Software Foundation. He leads the innovation of architecture, design and product development for the most flexible unified omnichannel platform, HotWax Commerce, which leverages the Apache OFBiz framework.

The HotWax Commerce platform drives innovation across the complete value chain, from procurement and supply-chain improvements, through advanced sales enablement, to deeper customer insights and 360-degree customer support.

Mr. Patel also leads the Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) initiative to further the education and growing practices defined by Mr. Subhash Palekar in India. This sustainable approach to farming requires nothing but natural, biodegradable, and locally-obtainable resources; which allows for pesticide-free crops, protecting the land from becoming polluted with toxic chemicals.

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