Anna Carin Månsson

Country HR Manager, IKEA India

Anna-Carin Månsson is the Country HR Manager for India. Anna-Carin comes with 21 years of experience within IKEA in different HR manager positions in all parts of the IKEA business (Retail China, Range and Supply at IoS in Sweden as well as Distribution Services in Sweden, UK, Russia and Poland).

Anna-Carin has spent the past four years in India setting up IKEA ways of working with People topics to create a great place to work. One of the areas which she has supported to put focus on is Diversity and Inclusion with gender balance as the starting point, creating an organization with 50/50 women and men working together in all functions and all levels. On 8 th of March she was part of launching a parental leave policy for equal opportunities for IKEA mothers and fathers.

She has a passion for people’s development and actively works on gender equal and inclusive work environments.

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