Anvita Mehra

Founder & CEO, Confidential Couture

Anvita Mehra is a young entrepreneur and an industry specialist in the pre-owned luxury market. At a young age of 26, she is the founder & CEO of Confidential Couture, India’s first online portal for buying and selling pre-owned luxury products. Although they ventured into an unexplored market segment, Confidential Couture has already captured nearly two million views on the website in less than two years.

Prior to Confidential Couture, Anvita was handling a small division of her family business; Fine jewellery.

After completing her business degree from the University of Nottingham, she got certified by the Gemological Institute of America as a Diamond grader.

Born into a business family, Anvita has always had an insight into the business world. Her surrounding environment, along with her passion for finer things, is what led her into starting a venture of her own in the luxury e-tail space.

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