Inderjeet Banga

Promoter, Pra Pra Prank, Prankster, Pirates of Grill

An average Indian opening a restaurant will result in large credit card bills and sleepless nights. An amazing restaurateur however, can take that same business and make it into something special. There is no short cut to get lucky in the restaurant business; it has to offer warm hospitality, great food that people flock to eat in an inimitable space to match, has everything you need to have a great time and of course a lot of hard work behind the scenes. Starting out as an outsider to the hospitality industry, today Inderjeet Banga is extremely respected and well-known in the restaurant business in Delhi NCR. He is identified for his supernatural aptitude to deliver rare and original experiences in all his ventures.
‘I have learnt one vital thing being in the restaurant industry …that you are only as virtuous as your preceding meal. And there is truly no standby for that, hence restaurateurs should emphasis on serving their customers, attending to them, and providing them with a creation and a matchless experience’, shares Banga.

Paving his way through the business, his vision was a Grill restaurant that offered an experience beyond the ordinary. Restaurateur’s major challenge, Banga says, is to bargain a decent location as well as property owners willing to rent to start-ups. The finest advice Inderjeet got when he started his restaurant? ‘Do not take no for an answer. Overcome the obstacles set by others who try to talk you out of it’. This gave birth to his maiden venture ‘Pirates of the Grill’, considered a pioneering venture in the restaurant industry. Over the years Inderjeet Banga has secured a snowballing increase of Biggie Hospitality’s operations across the capital by establishing 8 Pirates of the Grill, Prankster with an entirely novel approach that is fun, nostalgic and yet innovative, the food focuses on recreating nostalgic recipes using seasonal ingredients showcased in a contemporary yet hearty form; and now Pra Pra Prank which is India’s first Modern Indian and Modern Asian brasserie that promises you an exciting journey on a plate and in a glass with a refreshing new offering. ‘You need to have a huge passion for the trade because there will be glitches and challenges, this business is hard work and you need to love it to be successful, and that passion is what will permit you to overcome them’, adds Banga. He stresses the significance of preparation anyway. ‘You can usually overcome a couple of nuances or a couple of wrinkles, but you can’t overcome a lot of them,’ he says. ‘So having a plan in place where there are less unexpected encounters is the way to go.’ He is known to spend months on food trials and running a mock restaurant before actually opening it order to give his customer a flawless experience.

The major hindrance to opening a restaurant, shares Banga is getting the spheres to align-that is, pulling collected all the elements, from whirling your concept into an operational model to refining your employee base. There is an additional element as well, ‘I would say it’s about 75 % practicality and 25% luck’. ‘I was fortunate enough to have the right people at the right time and trust me good people make all the difference and of course one needs to focus on progress too ’. Inderjeet says his business grew because he heeded the advice of older people in the industry who advised him, ‘If you can’t sell food, then forget about making it and I guess that’s where my MBA in marketing skills came in handy’. Part of his success, he admits, is investing in anything that helps to sell the product; for example high quality equipment in the kitchen and bar to help create a good product.

Being obstinate was one of the tactics Banga used to break into the business. His advice for start-ups… ‘Be persistent,’ he says. Inderjeet impulses striving restaurateurs to know their competition… ‘You need to know your competition. I would recommend ensuring creating an irreplaceable position in the industry before you go forward. The last thing you want to do is replica something that previously exists and try to be enhanced than someone who has more years on you’. Successful restaurant owners know that every small detail matters, and so it is astonishing how often he finds restaurant hosts playing with their smartphone when he walks into an establishment….in his company the focus at work time is only the customer. ‘You need to compete on the quality in each aspect, because no one can mass produce that and that’s what sets us apart’.

For Inderjeet Banga the ride was never relaxed but stirring forward is a lot easier than giving up. Today, he endures to apply what he learn from the bygone and grip new learnings of the future. A God fearing man, Inderjeet thanks the almighty for his blessings on him and his family.

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