Mayank Mohan

Director, Mohanlal Sons

Mayank Mohan has pursued his higher education from Indiana University, Bloomington in the US, where he completed his degree in Economics & Business with honours.

He then joined the Chicago office of Deloitte Consulting as a Strategy & Operations Analyst. At Deloitte he had the opportunity to work on a wide range of projects and interact with the CEOs and CFOs of various Fortune 500 companies. After getting promoted to a Consultant and working for 3 years at Deloitte, Mr. Mohan decided to move back to India in 2007 to join Mohanlal Sons, a family business dating back to 1881, as a 4th generation entrepreneur.

Mr. Mohan effectively used his strategy consulting background and a keen business foresight to transition Mohanlal Sons from a Multi Brand Outlet to a specialised Celebration Wear Retailer. He also decided to foray Mohanlal Sons in relatively virgin markets; tier 2 towns. This has helped the brand to not only survive but strive (almost quadrupling revenues) and carve out a niche space for itself at a time when a lot of Indian Retailers are struggling due to intense competition from international brands and the advent of e-commerce.

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