Srikrishna Vadrevu

Founder & CEO, SigMax E Services

Author, Entrepreneur, Operations & IT Professional with global experience…
Developing an Entrepreneurial Culture (www.9entrepreneurisms.com/), pushing the boundaries of Analytics-driven Marketing (www.ideotics.com) and driving performance in medium and large organizations (www.sigmax-e.com) have been the focus areas. Starting with six sigma and moving on to business performance enhancement, I now focus on the twin passions of entrepreneurship, change management and data analytics.

More conventionally, I am an Banking, IT & Operations professional with leadership experience in USA, India and Malaysia. I am the Founder and CEO of SigMax E Services, a Business Services and Consulting company, currently focusing on the emerging technologies of Computer Vision & Machine Learning. I consult extensively on process and performance management in ASEAN region and for the Commonwealth Secretariat.

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