Uthaman Bakthikrishnan

Director and Executive Vice President India Operations, Cleartouch

B. Uthaman, Director, Clear Touch Connect Private Limited, has over 20 years of experience in IT development at various levels. His domain expertise includes Telecom, Educational Testing, Automobile, Insurance, E-commerce and Financials.
Uthaman has bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and MBA in Systems & Marketing. He has also completed Executive MBA from RUTGERS New Jersey, USA. Uthaman has also completed several other professional courses including PMP.
Uthaman was spearheading prototyping and launching world class Automatic Intelligent Voice Messaging System to Indian market. After experiencing great success around the globe year 2016 was giving great opportunity for Clear Touch Connect to be born. Unique blend of technical expertise, Extensive product knowledge and overseas experience along with India based business development experience as technology startup founder help Uthaman fine tune Clear Touch Connect strategy to achieve great success in short time.
Prior to Clear Toch Connect as CEO of Nayasoft Solutions Uthaman has demonstrated his leadership and managerial skills. He has single handedly found Nayasoft Solutions and grown it to deliver many products and projects for both overseas and INDIA market. Products targeting INDIAN markets were JOEKIDS, and NCUMS which were adopted and used by many Educational institutions. Nayasoft Solutions has also developed products targeting USA called musicnoteapp, and vocalcodes which were later adopted by clients. Nayasoft Solutions has also done number of projects for clients including INDIAN RAILWAYS, SCHENEIDER ELECTRIC, & GLOBAL CONNECT, etc.
Throughout his carrier Uthaman has demonstrated strong appetite for learning and applying new industrial strength IT solutions. His remarkable contribution to introduce appropriate technology solution earned him several awards including top Presidential award from ETS in 2005. Over many years Uthaman did not show any hesitant to take any new roles. He has played important roles as part of vendor mgmt. & selection committee, Performance testing review, managing outsourced projects, Collaborating development & testing teams around the globe, Managing Infrastructure setup for foreign governments like Qatar, UK, etc., managing onsite support for government agencies, Handling project proposal for government and other big clients.

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